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Remember I told you I had gone to Florida? Finally, I am showing you some photos.
We flied to Orlando, rented a car (it was a pain but we got it after half an hour of discussing with the salesmen that we indeed had money on our cards, his boss coming over and solving it in 30 seconds...), and drove to Clearwater. We couchsurfed at a lovely lady's house, we talked with her for hours and, I think, we made her want to visit Portugal and eat tons of Pastéis de Nata :-). The next day we went to Clearwater beach, a lovely white sanded beach with water at just the right temperature. What is it about the first dive of the year? So refreshing to the mind.
We continued to Sarasota and ended up in Fort Myers on yet another couchsurfing experience with a great couple.
Next day was all about The Everglades, one amazing natural park where we got to see some alligators. Not so many because it was too hot and they prefer to stay in the water. Nevertheless, I loved it :) In the afternoon we headed to Miami where we met and stayed with other portuguese that are doing the same programme as I am - Inov Contacto. We enjoyed Miami beach on a weekday and then parted to Key West, which is beautiful. Not only the beaches but also the little town. I forgot I was closer to the equator line than normal and got my bum and legs sunburnt because "it was already 5 p.m., no need to put sunscreen on the legs..." -.-'
We left the paradise for another day in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and back to Orlando and back to NY.

Florida is so different from the other parts of the US that I visited that I felt I was in another country. I heard more spanish and portuguese than english and you can see they have a lot of space as the construction is very low.

The bad side: it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh my. But we enjoyed it anyway :-)

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