Friday, July 26, 2013

what I will miss (and not) about NY

With just a few days to go, I have to make a list (I love lists... :) ) about what I am going to miss about this amazing city and what I will be glad to not have anymore. I know I will be adding and editing the list these upcoming days, but let's start!

I will miss:

The smiles and friendliness on the streets
The community gardens
The warm nights
The 24h subway
The food carts
The restaurants
The free pools
The rooftops
The street markets
The free concerts and cinema
The cultural offer
The delis
The street performers
The bargains
The bagels and pretzels
The take-away drinks and doggy bags

I will not miss:

The tips
The mice
The garbage bags on the street at night
The housing and grocery prices (with a few exceptions)
The brutal heat on the subway platform
The taxes not being on the tag

Anything you think I am missing here?

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João said...

Se te queixas dos sacos do lixo na rua, deverias ter vindo para Maputo... ;)

Maria Ana said...

@ João, pois, eu nem imagino como seja aí...!

João said...

Ah pois não, não..

O grave é que passado algum tempo habituamo-nos.. mas quando damos uma volta pela África do Sul, a 'ficha' volta a cair.. mas pronto, é assim :)

Did you read these?

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