Saturday, September 25, 2010

I can get used to this

After I got the courage to buy my first Jummy Choo shoes (flat of course;)), my bank account says *ouch*, and I got to wear them yesterday all day, including to Bairro Alto (if you live in Lisbon you know what I mean) I just confirmed that our feet just know when something is good. The feeling of being in the clouds all day. Even better than sneakers.

I can definitely get used to this. So, now that I am moving to my own flat and, therefore, will have to pay the rent, food, etc, if I want to buy more investment pieces I have to save (slowly).

I already have two more pieces on my wish list:

Christian Louboutin basic black pumps. Red sole of course:)

 Chanel 2.55. A forever classic!

Oh, and the Jimmy Choo I got were these:

They look great on the feet and go with everything.


J said...

those jimmy choos are so amazing!! wow glad to hear they are comfy! love the pieces on your wish list, they are on mine too!!

Michelle said...

chanel bag- definitely.

PinkBow said...

what a great investment. i think it's important to buy classics when spending a lot of money, so you know that they will truly last forever

Magali said...

Adoro as sabrinas!!!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

They are absolutely gorgeous and versatile, good investment definitely!! And your next 2 investment pieces look beautiful too! They'll all be forever in style :)

Grace said...

What I'd do for some red-soled shoes :)

Love Grace.

The Breakfast Lover said...

Jimmy Choo! congratulations! You must be so happy!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Wise investment, sweetie, Choo makes good footwear. Glad to hear they are very comfortable, too!
Good luck on the new flat - hope you enjoy living there. Have a nice week, too. XX

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