Monday, April 26, 2010

Madrid's Reina Sofia Museum

I do not understand anything about art, I just like it or not. When I went to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid I was surrounded by paintings that I instantly loved. Too bad I could not use flash...

Woman and dog beneath the moon - 1983 - Joan Miró

Hirondelle - Joan Miró

Snail, woman, flower, star - 1934 - Joan Miró

Of Miró I just love the colour, the simple trace and crazy figures. His paintings just make me smile.

Mother with dead child II (postscript of "Guernica") - 1973 - Pablo Picasso

It was not possible to take photographs of the great Guernica, but there was a room with all the "pieces" that later became part of that masterpiece. This was the one I liked the most due to the emotion it transmits.

Photograph (I forgot to take notes)

Their happy expression on what seems a rather simple life is very inspiring.

Guanche Cave - 1935 - Óscar Domínguez

This just remembered me of my brain sometimes ;) 

Face of the great masturbator - 1929 - Salvador Dalí

I found this painting really capturing. It was big and colourful and very Dali-like. It was only until I read its name that I realised what it really was. Quite sexual but I like it nonetheless.

Pierrot playing the guitar - 1925 - Salvador Dalí

This just felt so artistic...the long lines, the hat, the card...

A world - 1929 - Ángeles Santos Torroella

One of my favourite paintings so far...I just stood there for ages, inspecting every detail and part of that world. Every corner has a different aspect to it. I also love the proportions and body lines of the people.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I once had a private tour of the collection at the Reina Sofia Museum. It is not important to understand the underneath of the understory of art. If a piece draws your attention that's the first step to forming a relationship to art. xoxo

Thelma said...

I don't understand too much about art as well. But I just let the piece talk to me and inspire me.

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i dont know much about art by i really like these photos!

taryn smith said...

Hirondelle particularly so.
Thanks for sharing!


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