Thursday, June 17, 2010

Barcelona Take II

It will be rather weird to come back so soon, taking into account the lastest things that happened, but I'll just look at the city with different eyes, explore other corners, think a lot and enjoy as I loved it so much!

I have been there a year ago, I am buying a guide and I have a friend living there, but any tips will be welcome!
Thank you :-)


Diana Mieczan said...

I loved that movie...It was so fantastic!!! I love the image:) Have a wonderful weekend my lovely and see you soon:)

Maria Ana said...

Thanks Diana, you too :)

knk said...

nice picture lovely video post

PinkBow said...

i loved this film, i must see it again soon. i hope to go this year too, have a fabulous time.

S and O said...

ah yes I did want to see that movie when it came out a while ago!
It looks so interesting :)

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