Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Washington DC

Hello everyone:) how was your weekend?
I went to Washington DC and loved it. I had no idea it was so cute. I did not expect the small buildings and houses. I expected a city with skyscappers and all.
The zone of the The Mall is imponent but it was not my favourite. What I loved was the feel of the city. In one moment you are in Paris. Amsterdam. London. Brussels. The old part of town is like being in a village. I think it is smaller than my beloved Lisbon. Including in population. I have to study the subject;)
This time of year is that of cherry blossoms as well. Thousands were given to Washington by the japanese and these days they are blooming. It is beautiful!
Georgetown is gorgeous. So picturesque:) We saw an open house but did not have the courage to entre... Maybe next time! We also went to Georgetown University and it has to be an absolute privilege to study there. The space and buildings are amazing.
I will be back for sure!

Maria Ana

1 comment:

Ricardo said...

Epah, muito giro. =) não tinha ideia

Hei-de lá ir um dia :D

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