Friday, February 22, 2013

the new york ego

If you know me in person you know I am laid back and completely distracted about what goes around me in terms of people staring and things like that.
Well, here it is impossible. They tell you everything. In-your-face. In Portugal only the people who love you and KNOW you will tell you if you look good or bad. No stranger, ever (I mean ever), will tell you anything on the street.
On the contrary, here in NY, only today I was asked if I was single and another two told me they loved my outfit. Thank you very much. Indeed. I am not used to listening to things like that besides from my bf, friends, family, etc. I think I can get used to this. I am even changing myself and almost told a girl in the metro today that she had beautiful hair. Maybe another day? :)
In my honest opinion it is not about getting all full of ourselves. It makes people's days better and everyone is happier.
You have got to love this city 

P.S. On a city with millions of people I managed to run into the creepy guy... I hid myself. I am so grown up.

P.P.S. Fingers crossed and tomorrow we sign for an apartment!

Maria Ana

(I am sorry I will stop translating to portuguese but it takes too much time.)

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Filipa said...

Americans are like that! It's awesome that people stop in the street just to tell you how much they like your dress :P

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