Saturday, April 13, 2013

NYC weather

Hello everyone! How are you?
This week I saw this article about why NY may not be the greatest city in the world and one of the topics (and first I think...) was the weather. There's winter and summer. I realised that this week. Tuesday was 28ºC during the day and an amazing 25ºC at night and yesterday was so cold! 6ºC! Schizophrenic... The other topics I don't remember so maybe I thought they didn't make a lot of sense or I disagreed with.
It actually was so hot that day that the day after I went to buy some sandals as I could not survive without a pair and I didn't bring one. Well they are now sitting on top of my closet with my boots smiling at them in triumph. But, anyway, I wanted to show them to you.

I did not know which ones to get, but I realised I always have white sandals, so this time I opted for the black ones. (Sorry my feet look appalling but I was not prepared!!)
Aldo sandals here.

Maria Ana
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