Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All settled

Hello everyone!:)

These days were crazy trying to find an apartment for us from Inov. They are expensive or unfurnished or in a not-so-good area but... We finally managed to find one for one group and another for us. I am moving to Lower East Side right by East Village, where I will be close to lots of restaurants, shops, markets and so on.
I love the area. It somewhat reminds me of Europe with small buildings, cute cafés and a laid-back atmosphere. On March 1st we move in. 2 guys and me, let's see how it goes:)
Yesterday, as the flat issue was no longer an issue, I finally started my work at AICEP, being the first objective organising a biotechnology roadshow. I hope it will be challenging in some way!
Also yesterday I discovered a good bakery which makes olive's bread, yupi:) it is amazing, really good! It made my day, I am crazy about bread.
And.... I went for a run. I think I had never stopped doing sports for so long (a month) and I really needed it. So good. I went with my friend and we ran by the river with the most amazing view to Manhattan:)

Maria Ana

P.S. Oh, and did I mention the building has a backyard?:)
P.P.S. My instagram: @maria_ana

More from my days...

 I told the girl my name was Maria with the portuguese accent and this was what I got;)

 I rode the bike and...well, you get it.
Sorry mom :)

I finally had the time to go to central park

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