Friday, March 08, 2013

the snow whites and my ºC and ºF theory

Today, NYC woke up to a white scenario. Gorgeous! I firmly believe that new yorkers are already hating the snow as it is already March but, sorry guys, I am loving it :)
Of course you have to change your attire and there is the ice on the streets after the snow and you have to do the penguin walk - you know what it is? When you have to put your legs completely perpendicular to the ground so you don't fall. Sooo cool! (cof cof). And FYI in 3 days it will be 15ºC, so this is probably the last day of real winter.

Oh, and regarding the Celsius and Fahrenheit thing, I have this theory: Dear countries where Fahrenheit is used, it makes no sense. Really! I understand inches, miles, pounds, etc but when it comes to temperature Celsius is better. The water freezes at 0ºC and boils at 100ºC, you get it? Han, han? It is so much easier and natural. Think about that and let me know :)

Maria Ana

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Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

You are happy for the snow, I'm happy for spring, it's almost here.

Núria said...

I love the snow and you are right with all this farenheit and celcius thing.

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