Tuesday, March 05, 2013

fully unpacked

How was your weekend and start of the week every one?

I went to Newark on saturday as I had told I would and it was a peculiar experience. Hearing your language everywhere in a different country is weird especially if you come from a very small country. The fish market, cafés and restaurants look exactly the same as the ones in Portugal. Salted cod fish and the typical pastries... Our amazing Olive Oil! (in my opinion the best in the world, first place ex aequo with fellow Italy). My friends took me and their italian friend and he also loved the trip :)

Saturday night it snowed but I failed miserably at filming or photographing it, so sorry about that! There were flurries everywhere, even inside my eyes, but none made an appearance on film...

And yesterday, we finally moved in! :) My friend, who I am sure loves me, right Guida? :), must be happy as well, because even though we are very good friends I was at her place for 3 weeks now, and I know it is always a bit disturbing on a person's routine. Can't thank you and Luis enough - thank you :)

Maria Ana

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snoopellie said...

looks like you really had fun! I spent my weekend with home service spa together with my friends :)

hope you can visit mine gain sometime :)


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