Monday, March 25, 2013

my NYC life in pictures

I was talking to a friend and she was telling me that I am not posting enough photos, which is true, so here are my last 10 days or so :)

Two wednesdays ago we went to Fat Cat, a very particular jazz bar. You have live music and all these games from chess to ping pong. It is such a relaxed place, I really enjoyed it. The 3$ cover is completely worth it.  

I started this thing with Starbucks - every time I go I will say a different name;)
This time it was real, some friends call me Mia.

 We went to MoMA on friday evening. Huge line outside (around the block!) but in no more than 10 minutes we were inside. Anyway, we have to return, as by 8p.m. it closes and I still had so much to see!

Some MoMA pics.

That same day we went to a party. The real american party, in someone's home and with the red plastic cups! Ahah, I wanted to bring mine with me but I left it in the bathroom. Damn it! We met the singer of a new band that performed in Portugal. How small is the world?

 The picture after the party. My cheeks were hurting of so much laughter.

Next day I went to a brunch in the home of a friend of a friend. It was a perfect winter day, it snowed non-stop while I stuffed myself with bagels. Perfection :)

The Lisbon picture at their home:)

 On sunday I went to SoHo, bought the cutest t-shirt in the world! (I'll show it to you when I get to dress it...) and took this picture because we use this expression in portuguese and I thought it was fun :)

 True story on the subway. (Not tube;))

Cute buildings on 14th Street

 The classic winter picture in NYC.

Last friday I was Violet

 I went to the Garbage concert!! I love them, really! :) Check a little bit out:

Saturday we went to the High Line, the old train route which is now a "high" park. You get to walk the line and see the city from another perspective.

 My roomies and I waiting for the rest of the group and catching up the sun.

Pick-a-boo Empire ;)

And yesterday was a lazy sunday, as sundays should be. Great Brunch and not much else. Oh, I went to run on the Williamsburg bridge and that is some difficult bridge, I should tell you! When you realise you are on the same level as the 18th floor maybe? (My bum hurts today ^^)

Have a great week!

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joana said...

super!! :) now i feel a little more close to your daily life. which has been perfect btw.. thanks for sharing! love the idea of different names on Starbucks ;) kisses !

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