Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I cannot leave my house without some perfume. I love when, during the day, I can capture its scent, like when touching the scarf or when putting my hair back and smelling it from the wrist... lovely! I have been very faithful to my perfumes but sometimes I buy something different. I always have these ones:

Two years ago I found this amazing perfume:

And last month my mother bought this one that I also love:

Which ones do you wear?


Thelma said...

I absolutely love Dolce and Gabbana "light blue" that suits me best. It's so refreshing and I feel sophisticated.I also love Victoria's Secret "Ooh la la" when I'm feeling romantic. Ha ha! And Victoria's Secret "Pink" when I feel girly and flirty!

Miina said...

My favourite perfurm (and the one i'm using now) for winter is Hiponose Senses, Lancome. For the summer my favourite perfurm is Orange, Hugo Boss.
To go out at night i love to put DKNY.

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Robbin said...

i love perfume too! i've been wearing my marc jacobs pear since last summer (nope, i did NOT switch to a winter fragrance this year) because i am that much in love with it!

- robbin

Madalena Soares said...

DKNY e Daisy de Marc Jacobs. Tão bons...

theacousticlover said...

Usei o Flower by Kenzo durante anos (tu conheceste-me nessa altura ahah). Depois mudei para o XS recentemente mas infelizmente TODA a gente parece usar este perfume.

Incrivelmente, tive ontem na Companhia do Perfumes e vi um lançamento de um da Hannah Montana da Disney que cheira tãoooo bem. Não resisti...LOL

Deve ser crise da 1ª idade :P

Maria Ana said...

ahahah Mayara, ninguém precisa de saber, desde que cheires bem:)

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