Sunday, January 19, 2014

long time, no see

Hello people :)

I was here wondering why I haven't written for so long on the blog. I guess something between lack of inspiration to change of interests, maybe? I thought about creating another blog to share other stuff I love but figured it is best to keep the same one. Just one place for everything. And, after all, the name I chose when I first started this blog a long time ago, gives me that option. The beauty lover can be so many things and it is changing with me.

I miss NYC terribly and, even though I love Lisbon as well, my heart is there and it is there that my mind has been, especially because one year ago I was already packing to go. One year, is it possible?
So, naturally, my re-first (I just made that word up :)) post is a video a friend of mine posted on my wall one year ago.

much love to you all :)

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