Sunday, October 13, 2013

my year in pictures according to my iphone

Hello everyone! I know the year is not finished yet but, as I started a new job, I feel like I have to make a balance of my year so far, especially as it has been the best ever :)

Jan - This was a stressful month but it was also when I happily discovered I was going to NY for 6 months!
1, 2, 3: In the neighbour country Spain, doing our last trip before my moving to NY.

Feb - Very happy but also very tired of looking for a place in NY.
1: First day - The City, gorgeous under the snow viewed from lovely Hoboken, NJ.
2: Cold requires creative dressing.
3: Goofing in Central Park.

Mar - Starting to live the life of a New Yorker
1: With friends after a party. I laughed so much and so hard that night!
2: First time in The High Line, it was love at first sight.
3: My lovely friends Guida and Luis making me feel at home during Easter.

Apr - Travel, travel, travel.
1: Washington, DC
2: Chicago
3: My favourite flowers in every corner of NY :)

May - Relaxing.
1: I discovered what is ever since my favourite little garden in NY.
2: Boston! (no bombs this time...)
3: The start of the amazing NY summer sunsets.

Jun - Boyfriend in town.
1: My flat friends and I only discovered our own building rooftop in June but oh did we use it ;)
2: My boyfriend came to visit!
3: Hanging in Hoboken with friends Guida and Luis.

Jul - July gets 9 pictures as it was impossible to have less: it was my birthday, my mom went to visit and it was the last month in NY.
1: Key West, Florida. My boyfriend and I did a roadtrip through Florida, I loved it.
2: My mom went to visit on the week of my birthday.
3: Top of the Rock. (Finally)
4: Breathtaking sunset from Roosevelt Island. It has no filter whatsoever.
5. The finished Freedom Tower.
6. The Hamptons!
7. Getting the most out of the outdoor benches that are in every café or shop in NY. Love those!
8. Outdoor film with a view.
9. Last barbecue in our rooftop. And saying goodbye to my dear friend Guida.

Aug - The return.
1: Sunset on the beach.
2, 3: Beautiful Lisbon by night.

Sep - New job, last days of holidays.
1: Lovely Amsterdam.
2: Hiking
3: Back to the hidden backyards of Lisbon.

Have a great week. I already feel more energised after writing this post. My year has been truly amazing. Thank you all that have been part of it and that have been making it so special :) You know who you are*
Maria AnaFollow Something beautiful

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Guida said...

ADORO este post! Naneza quem me dera que ainda aqui estivessem (sim porque seria ainda melhor se o Daniel se juntasse) aqui connosco..

Muitos beijinhos!

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