Friday, June 28, 2013

my last few weeks :)

Hello everyone! I have been terrible with the blog... The time is going by so fast and my boyfriend is visiting so I just go home to sleep and take showers.
The summer weather has been here for a few weeks now so mostly what we do is hang outdoors.
The pools opened yesterday, I have to try them out :) (Have you ever been to a public NYC pool? If so please let me know how it went!)

My birthday is around the corner and so is the end of my time here in NYC (any employers out there? blink, blink...) so my motto is: I can sleep in August in Portugal.

So here are some parts of the last two weeks :)

Bedford Av, Brooklyn - I loved the concept. Closed road, music and real grass.

The must-do Smorgasburg (food fair) in Brooklyn.

The view from Brooklyn. 

The Portugal day run in Central Park was great. To run in such a beautiful place, to run 5miles / 8km for the first time, no stops and to do so well :)

After the run we had a bbq on our rooftop! :)

My favourite building in NYC - The Chrysler

The view from our rooftop

A friend had posted this on my fb wall so it was funny to see it physically.

There is life on the other side of the river too. Hoboken, NJ.


Central Park

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The view from Le Bain

Amateur Night, Harlem

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All the best!
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