Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hello guys! I have been very absent but I have been very busy...
This post will be about random things I want to talk to you about, hence the name.

From monday through wednesday I was a volunteer in an EU-UN Seminar, so many hours there prevented me from doing much else. The good thing about these seminars and fairs is the people you meet. All the volunteers were young europeans that are in NY doing pretty much the same as I am - in the trade and investment agency or their country mission to the United Nations. I also got to meet companies: portuguese, european and from the UN. It is always enriching in some way even if we were just organising the event (from managing the one-to-one meetings to the coat check).

The one-on-one schedule for one day

I discovered the Eric Kayser in NY :) (here it is called Maison Kayser, by the way). It is far from home (NY) but it reminded me of home (Lisbon). I actually have a great bakery close to my apartment in the Essex Market called Pain D'Avignon, so no need to go far up into the Upper East Side for great bread and croissants. Ah! Here, they say croissants as it is an english word, very funny.

You know Rockefeller Center right? Or course you do. One of the buildings has only 7 or 8 stories and a great rooftop with a garden and I had the privilege to go there for an European Tourism event. You are not that high but the surroundings and the rooftop itself are very pretty.

Dear USA: I can get anti-biotics from the counter whenever I want but I need to have a doctor's prescription to buy my contact lenses?! *sigh* I'll have a friend bring them to me from Portugal, then.
Oh, and there is this amazing thing that you can incorporate on the cans when you make them so you don't need a can opener :) I'll show them to you one day. To compensate me you have the amazing peanut butter cups ♥ ♥ ♥

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