Thursday, March 21, 2013

the food talk - what I miss

In Portugal, we have all this conversation about our food being awesome and everyone loving it but for me it is not the case. I don't like it very much because it is too heavy and always has loads of meat or fish. The two things I do not eat. The only thing vegetarian in the portuguese menu is the omelette. And, be careful, if you don't say anything it might come with shrimp or sausage. Yep, it has happened.

Every Portuguese that goes abroad always carries with him food. He cannot help it. Luggage with smell of cod, chourizo and smoked ham is completely normal.
Well, I, that never eat traditional portuguese food, don't miss those types of things.

And yes, there are vegetables and fruit in the USA dad... :) Very good, actually. I am eating the same things I eat there. The supermarket is not only frozen food aisles.

But (there is always a but, right?) there are some things (not necessarily portuguese) I can't find here that I miss. A LOT.

1. First and foremost the best cereals in the world - Jordans Cereals. This english brand makes the best cereal in the world. Seriously. If you can get your hands on a packet, get it. (And bring it to meeeeeee.)

2. The yoghurt that goes perfectly with the Jordans. The creamy lemon Adagio, in the glass container. 125g.

3. The "palha" fries. "Palha" means straw. It comes from them being very very small fries. When I went to the portuguese supermarket I wanted these more than anything but couldn't find them... I'll look better next time.

I use these to make this:

This is leek "Brás-style". The original recipe is with cod, I make it with leek and it is even better. Leek, "palha fries", egg (almost raw like in the original italian carbonara), olives and parsley. In 15 minutes max you have this. Tcha-raaaaaam.

4. Simples cookies. The ones made with flour, water and salt. That's it.

If you need my address to send me these lovely things, let me know ;)

Maria Ana

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