Wednesday, December 05, 2012

To tuck in or not to tuck in. That's the question.

Hello lovelies! This is the translation of a small article I wrote on a Portuguese website called Some tricks and thoughts about tucking in your shirts and tops. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

I was always a girl against tucking in. When I was little, and living on the coast line of Lisbon, tucking in was synonym with being preppy. God! No way. I wanted to be cool, so, no tucking in for me. I grew up (uff, it was a smooth journey) and I found myself tucking in. Shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, even cardigans. It gives an extra comfort, warms you up and turns the outfits more elegant. All this while helping you achieve a more delineated silhouette.

I still love to tuck in my "top halves" but I have been seeing some images that have been showing me that, sometimes, I may not tuck in and still feel good and pretty. 
The gorgeous Giovanna Battaglia continues elegant and with long legs. Hmm. I think I have to apply this idea again on my days. 
And what is going to help you decide if you tuck in or not? 
The occasion - on the outside is more casual. Your bodyshape - tucked in you can see more waist, untucked your arms and legs. The fabric - the less noble the more it benefits from being tucked in. Your personal taste - after all it is fashion and fashion is supposed to be fun and to make you feel yourself. Have fun! 

All images from:blogs Jak&Jil and the sartorialist
To read the original article (in Portuguese) click HERE.
Artigo original AQUI.

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SobbingOnFifth said...

I always stand in front of the mirror when I get dressed tucking and untucking, trying to decide! You're so right - there are points to be made for both looks, depends on the effect you're going for!

Maria Ana said...

I hope I helped SobbingOnFifth:)

Haley said...

Gorgeous pictures.

Did you read these?

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