Saturday, September 17, 2011

I need tips, can you help me?

How are you?

I am finally having my deserved holidays in a couple of weeks and I am going to Istanbul, Copenhagen and Stockholm. It is my first time in all three, so tips are more than welcome :)

I hope you can help me.

:) Maria Ana
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Tereza said...

Ok, I don't have tips, but I wanted to say I'm so jealous of you, that is amazing.
Have fun.

Robin said...

I have a lengthy email guide to Istanbul [I lived there in 2006] that I sent to a friend for her first visit. Please email me if you would like and I can forward it to you. lifewithoutwant at gmail dot com

Maria Ana said...

@Tereza: Thank you :-)

@Robin: I am mailing you in a minute! thanks*

Movimento Moda said...

Boas férias!!!!


Robin said...

Maria Ana, did you get my lengthy (sorry!) email?

Maria Ana said...

@sara: obrigada:) faltam 10 dias!!

@Robin: yes, I did, it is perfect! I am sorry I did not answer yet! Kiss

retro-a-porter said...

Boa viagem!Estás cá para a modalisboa?

Maria Ana said...

@Paula: Não, estarei cá Paula, infelizmente! Beijinhos

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