Wednesday, September 07, 2011

emerald green

I swear this skirt is emerald green! I don't know if it was the sun or the camera but it looks kind of blue here.
This is my first long skirt. It took me hours in the dressing room for me to decide to buy it or not and I am always very quick making these decisions. It took me a long time but I think I took the right decision. I love it! :) This top was just the top you grab so you can try the piece you want on without being naked on the store but here it is as well ;)

How do you feel about long skirts?

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Olívia Palito said...

A conjugação de cores, está absolutamente fantástica! ;)


Maria Ana said...

@Olívia Palito: Obrigada:):):) beijinhos

Statement of Fashion said...

estive para comprar essa saia, é absolutamente linda!

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