Tuesday, May 24, 2011


clean and easy

With the hot weather we have been feeling here in Lisbon, it is difficult to wear anything fancier...
How's the weather in your city?

top - comptoir des cotonniers
jeans - pepe jeans
flats - jimmy choo

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Anonymous said...

gosto :)


Steph said...

The ruffle top is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Gosto! Folhos não é para qq pessoa :)

Maria Ana said...

@ M: eheh:)

@ Steph: thanks!

@ Anonymous: Obrigada!

Despina said...

Love your jimmy choos ;) the top and the necklace look so good together!a lovely casual look!

Michal said...

I love the simplicity
It looks good on you


Lee Oliveira said...

your top is very pretty.. I aslo love your bangles
Lee x

Elegantesque said...

YOu look pretty, the ruffles are cute


Margarida said...

Olá! Adorei este outfit. Simples mas giríssimo e cheio de estilo. Mesmo como eu gosto! 5*
Beijinhos :)

Maria Ana said...

@ Despina: thanks! me too! eheh

@ Michal: thank you darling:)

@ Lee: thanks! :) they are old but they still have something;)

Maria Ana said...

@Elegantesque: thanks Hannah :)

@Margarida: às vezes é tão bom estarmos super simples, não é? :) obg! beijinhos

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