Sunday, February 07, 2010

Oh... :)

Give always thanks to the blogger who gave it to you
Thank you Madalena! :)

Now I have to answer a few questions.
name an author you love: Joanne Harris
if applicable, name an author who highlights: not sure I know what this means...
book(s) you love: Chocolate (Joanne Harris), Chocolate à chuva "Chocolate in the rain" (Alice Vieira, a portuguese writer) - I swear this does not have to do with my chocolate addiction :)
something that always excites you: spending time with the ones I love, traveling, dancing, making my friends laugh
something you hate: injustice

Now, pass it on to 7 blogs (i'll try not to repeat the ones from the other award):
- Desta é que é (a friend that just started living in Cape Verde and needs support)
The acoustic lover (a music lover)
- Eat Drink Chic (pretty things)
Cannelle et Vanille (food porn)
Apartment Therapy (places for princesses)
Fifi Lapin (for the drawings)
F Tourist - a prince blog;) (for the close-ups)


Madalena Soares said...

Ah, que lindo prémiozinho que deu a Titi!!! :D

sara said...

ai, mari, não percebo nada destas coisas...: ) mas obrigada, grd presente de anos.hehe*

theacousticlover said...

Oh nanas, só agora é que vi! Thank you so much! :D

Maria Ana said...

De nada Princesa Sara e Princesa Mayara:)

E obrigada Titi!!

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