Tuesday, February 08, 2011

my top 5 cities

1. new york

NYC took my heart. The diversity, the dimension, the life, the attitude, the art, the lights, the energy.
The whole world fits into this island. You can find ANY thing. It is high time I return to this bomb of life and emotions. The year 2000 is too far away now.

2. paris

Gorgeous and romantic in every corner. I lost count of the times I went here. Always good to return and sit in new cafés, visit new markets, walk in all the great gardens, stroll around the city with no destination, see all the well-dressed people. I have a challenge when I talk about Paris. To me, the french are nice and warm and welcoming. They always think I am french too and maybe that is the reason but I will not say they are unsympathetic because my experience tells me otherwise.

3. london

When I visited the first time I knew I could live there. They enjoy life and that, to me, is huge. The city is very diverse, full of art, beautiful monuments and gardens. And now it even has good food (a formal problem I must say). I never get tired of being there and just a weekend there is an energy booster and fills my brain with ideas. Last time I went there it was the year 2007, it is a shame I still have not returned.

4. tallinn

I already have done two posts about tallinn in this blog (you can read them here and here) so you probably know how I liked it! It is so unique that you must visit so you know what I am talking about. No pictures or description will ever make it. Again, 2005 is too long ago.

5. amsterdam

This is the city I want to live in when I retire. I have never seen a population like this. They get the most of every second in their life. That is the way we all should live. And the city is so gorgeous and flat and perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

No ranking possible: Lisbon

 Where I live. I love this city. It still has a lot to grow and the portuguese need to learn a few things but it is gorgeous, it has the river, the ocean, lots of light, breathtaking views and a mix of old and new that I love.

Which are your favourite cities in the world?
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Marina said...

don't know Tallinn:)
the other cities are perfect.‎

xx Marina

V' Gonçalves said...

NY é o lugar que sonho ir um dia e Londres já lá tive e gostava de ir viver para la brevemente! :)

V' Gonçalves said...

NY é o lugar que sonho ir um dia e Londres já lá tive e gostava de ir viver para la brevemente! :)

Angela said...

Le photo New York super!!! Jamais vu... Encore

Angela Donava

Steph said...

Paris is unbelievably beautiful. I was there last month for two days and that is not enough to see the entire city. I'm definitely going back to visit some other places. Lisbon is one of my favourites too. I can never get enough of that city.

Maria Ana said...

@ Steph: when you come, you should definitly tell me :)

lady sélénite said...

Just know Paris and London, and I love them !

impressionsforbreakfast said...

each of these cities is wonderful in its own way. :) i'd love to get to visit all of them
xxx isabel

Phil said...

Fantastic Pics!

Melminho said...

Muito bonitas as fotos! Neste momento gostava de ir a Londres!

letiziabarcelona said...

Hi ! nice selection.
Do you know Barcelona ?

Tereza Anton said...

From your list I've been only to Paris.
I want to see all the cities from your list.

Sara said...

First of all.. I am a huge City fan..Love city life!

I still have a lot to visit.. But From what I know.. I will definitely LOVE NYC, where I really really want to go (If possibe live there for a year);

And I have a real love relationship with PARIS.. I want to live there when I am older.. :)

I Have to talk about Firenze, Italia.. Its one of the last cities I viit and I wish I can go back there really soon! :D

Geneve, Suisse, its also a very small, lovely city! :)


Maria Ana said...

@letiziabarcelona: hello letizia, I do Barcelona, I've been there twice and I love it! Definitely on the top 10 :)

@Sara: I love Italy! But Firenze I haven't visit yet. Just Rome, Milan and all the Puglia region. Gorgeous!

@V' Gonçalves: vais amar NY :)

La.Mademoiselle.X said...

ora do teu top 5 temos 3 em comum: nyc, ldn e lx!

Mademoiselle Marie said...

hahaha nice !! i would say for me : NYC, BARCELONA, LONDON, AMSTERDAM, and PARIS

Sissy said...

Adorei a tua escolha! Fantástica, mesmo!


Anonymous said...

Este é daqueles posts que dá vontade de fazer as malas e dar corda aos sapatos por esse mundo fora.=)

Confesso que também tenho um top 3: Londres, em primeiro lugar! Está-se sempre muito bem por lá. E depois Florença e Barcelona, empatadas.


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