Friday, February 05, 2010

Tallinn - take 2

I already did a small post on Tallinn. That picture is my computer background at work and everyone that passes by stops and says: how gorgeous, where is that?
So I thought: why don't I do a real post about it? Let's scan some old negatives (when I went there, I only had an analogic camera) and here they are. The cutest city I have been to.

I start with the food. Great bread, great sauces. I could eat everything on the menu.
Great outdoor places to be.

There is no mistake it is a medieval city.

It is out of focus, but it says on the right - 1255

PepperSack - The cutest bar I have ever been to.

This lovely girl was selling almonds with honey, and there were lots of bees around her stand. Some special bees. They really did not bite.


Old Hansa - Here I had the best bread and cottage cheese of my life. No lie!

This picture has this long story...They had lost our bags at Frankfurt and it was raining not cats and dogs, but literally the whole zoo. So we had to buy this plastic capes. Every time we looked at each other or passed by windows reflecting our image, we just broke laughing. Really funny:)

Cute church.

City view from one of the towers in the city.

I couldn't get enough...

Alexander Nevsky Church

Now I just want to go again. With snow!


Madalena Soares said...

Que giro que deve ser! :))) Tão diferente, apesar de já ter visto imensas cidades medievais.
Olha, viste que te atribuí o award? Ou não topaste?


Maria Ana said...

Ahhh, sou mesmo totó!!
obrigada, tenho que tratar disso então!

Labels And Love said...

Nice pictures, looks very lovely!!

Did you read these?

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