Friday, April 18, 2014

Madeira Island

Hello everyone! :)

The next trip is booked and I am heading to the Madeira Island! I have been so far away in the map and I still haven't been to the Madeira and the Azores Islands that are part of Portugal. It is always like that, isn't it?
I feel even more guilty to have waited so long as part of my family comes from Madeira.

Just to situate you, Madeira sits here:

This means good weather all year round!

I plan on hiking, relaxing and exploring the island. Just look at this:

 And of course eat tons of the tiny Madeira Bananas.... :)

If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments bellow!
Have a nice holiday :)


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Magali said...

Nanas vais adorar! As cores da Madeira são incríveis! Algumas sugestões: mercado do Funchal, curral das freiras, machico! Come muitas espetadas bolo do caco e peixe!!! Beijinhos

Jenni Stoker said...

Hi, I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Please check out my blogpost and see what I've nominated you for :)

Adinna from Fashion-Spike said...

You are so cute!!!
I would love to invite you to a giveaway on my blog where you can win a comfy autumn cardigan.

Madeira Seekers said...

Madeira island includes lots of attractions for visitors.You have provided a really helpful information about different places of Madeira Island before they visit to the Island.

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