Tuesday, February 15, 2011

if I had the money

When I "have" such a statement dress I always choose simple shoes and accessories. The colours not being the same is on purpose, I like to have colours that go together and make a pallet rather than a matchy-matchy outfit.

Do you agree? Tell me your ideas :)

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Tereza Anton said...

WOW! This looks so good.
Love the dress. And like you said, if only, if only I had the money.

monsefuentes said...

I love how you mix the rocker style with other cutier.

xx, Monse.-

Anonymous said...

When you have the money, can I borrow that ballerinas? =)
É dificil não nos apaixonarmos por essas peças.


Phil said...

Love the ring...great choices!

Margarida said...

O vestido é giríssimo, mas as sabrinas prenderam-me logo a atenção. Sou viciada em sabrinas e até tenho umas dentro desse género, mas ficava já com essas! Nunca são demais! Hehe!
Também gostei do anel da H&M.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

That dress is undeniably Sexy and Glamorous. I adore it because I'm drawn to the edgy, rocker quality.
And the ballerinas are so perfect, too. xx

Abigail said...

mmm we're right there with you on those purchases :) xx


LizAnn said...

Love the pieces! The dress is so stunning!!

VPV Intern

Nádia said...

Concordo! Ficou mesmo lindo! :)


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